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Sander Miesse (1992) is an artisan knife maker from Kortenberg, Belgium. 

His mission? Producing the chef's best friend that will last for generations.

His specialization? Making ergonomic kitchen knives with a lifetime maintenance service. 


Here you can read the experiences of our customers. Do you also want to be included in our ' wall of fame '?

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Olivier Bultynck

"Sander is very passionate - from choosing his materials to mastering different techniques and finishes. His knives are art because they are a combination of creativity and excellent craftsmanship. But most importantly of all, they are by far the best knives in my kitchen!"

Philippe Verhoeven

"The 'knife making' workshop was a fantastic experience. Informative and above all a very practical experience where at the end you go home with a functional and razor sharp knife that you designed and made yourself under the expert guidance of a passionate craftsman. Highly recommended for those who have passed the "potato knife" and the mass production knives."

Sabine Baetens

"I used to have a tomato knife, a pizza roller, a cheese knife, a fruit knife, a potato knife, a bread knife, a vegetable knife,.... Now I only have two knives - a large knife and a small knife from MKnives. I do everything with them. They feel good in the hand and are always super sharp. I never thought that a good knife could make so much difference in my kitchen."

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