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Do your knives need a thorough sharpening? Search no further! You can bring your knives to the workshop of Mknives in Kortenberg, or you can use our sharpening service at home.


What exactly does this mean?

Where: Sparrenhof 13, 3071 Erps-Kwerps or at your home

What?  A thorough sharpening of your knives in a professional manner. Does your knife also have a chip or a broken point? During this service we can also restore it for you. Don't worry!

Can't make it to the studio? There is also the option to send the knives. Do not forget to include the purchase receipt so that I have all the information to return them to the correct address. There will be a charge of €15 for returning the knives.


Tip: Ask your neighbors or acquaintances if they also have knives to sharpen. This way you save on the sharpening cost per knife!

Price in studio: €15 per knife
Price at home: From 5 knives we come to your home for a competitive price of €80. Do you have more than 5 knives? Click here to order an extra sharpening.

Are you a pro? Request a personal quote by sending a message to



When you buy a Mknives, you receive a free annual maintenance.


What exactly does this mean?

Where: Sparrenhof 13, 3071 Erps-Kwerps

  Your knife is professionally sharpened, repaired and polished. The handle gets a new protective layer which will ensure that your knife will look like new again.

How do I deliver the knife?  You can send the knife by post, but make sure you include the purchase receipt so that I can return the knife to the correct address. The blade should also be securely fastened so that it does not slide during its journey here. Make sure you pack it well and safely. On the other hand, you can also bring the knife to the studio by appointment.

Price: Free of charge, only €15 if the knife has to be returned by post


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