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Always wanted to make your own knife? During this day workshop you can make your own chef's knife completely by hand from a sheet of steel and a block of wood!


We design and cut out the shape of the blade, we create  a coarse point shape, we make a comfortable handle from a material that you can choose yourself and then finish with gluing, sculpting and finishing.


This is an extremely unique workshop in Europe that is often booked by couples, relatives or friends for a special occasion.

Duration: +- 8h

Where: In the studio of Mknives in Kortenberg
Lunch, drink, material: Included
Price: €499 for 1 person
  - €300 extra per person
-> Maximum 3 people per workshop


Would you like to learn how to get your knives razor sharp in a sustainable way? During this workshop you will learn how to use a set of professional sharpening stones can give your knives a well-deserved makeover.


The practical guidance of knife maker Sander Miesse helps you to master the movements smoothly. You will get acquainted with the influence of steel to achieve the desired sharpness of your knife.

Duration: 2h
 In the studio of Mknives in Kortenberg or on location
What to bring  Each participant will bring at least one knife to sharpen. This immediately gives us a wide spectrum of different steel types that we can compare. 

Note: Make sure that your knife is well packed so that you can take it home safely. You can roll it up in a sturdy kitchen towel. 

Price: €200 for 4 persons - €45 per person extra
-> Maximum 10 people per workshop

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Do you own a Moustache? Then you can follow this workshop to make your own Moustache handle. In the scents, colors, and materials you want. Let's do this!


What can you expect?


An interactive workshop for 2 to 5 people in a real knife workshop. We work with a raw block of material such as wood, plastic, or epoxy, and gradually transform it into a fully customized handle. Ideal for people who like to work with design and want to create their own work of art.

Duration: 4h
  In the studio of Mknives in Kortenberg
What to bring  Clothing that can get dirty and of course your Moustache knife. Don't have a Moustache knife? Then you can also buy one on the spot.

Lunch, drink, material: Included

Price: €499 for 2 persons - €200 per person extra
-> Maximum 5 people per workshop

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