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This collection is the first stainless collection that Mknives has produced in one series.

Customers were looking for a knife that was easy to maintain, yet as sharp as the carbon steel knives.


The wood used is recycled Wengé wood from an old historic building.

The handles are truly the signature for this collection. They can be recognized by their golden accent and dark wood.

The handle materials have been carefully selected to give you the best experience ever. The stabilized wood completes the picture!
Not only will your wooden handle remain waterproof, but no dirt will also get into the wood.

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Due to the unique curved shape, the handle lies ergonomically in the hand.


The recesses of the handle accommodate the muscles in your hand and the humps of the handle fill the recesses of your hand.

This creates an
even pressure and you do not experience painful points.

In this collection, the grain of the wood was brushed out of the handle, creating more grip during cutting.

The combination of the rough but aesthetic appearance makes for a showstopper in the kitchen.