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Blade finish: Mystic Mist
Blade length: 12cm

Steel: 1.4109 stainless

Hardness: 60 - 61 HRC
Total length: 21.5cm
Weight: 75 gram

Only one left!


The Sardine


It may not be the biggest tool in the kitchen, but it is one of the most popular knives.


You can use the Sardine knife for almost everything, from peeling to cutting. This tool surpasses all other knives when it comes to the most precise tasks that you have to perform in a kitchen.


With its small and slender design, the Sardine knife gives you the control you need to peel potatoes or to create those beautiful details on your most beautiful dishes. But you don't have to cook so high quality to experience the real power of this small workhorse! Try it out and you will feel how thin this knife is made. Let me explain why below ;-)


What is special?


The Sardine comes with a free annual maintenance and a LIFETIME guarantee!




For this collection the handles are really the signature. They are recognizable by their golden accent and dark wood.


If you look closely, you will see that I have made a light wreckwood finish to ensure even more grip in your hand. Of course the handle is already very ergonomic, and made for every hand.


The handle materials have been carefully selected to give you the best experience ever. The stabilized wood completes the picture! Not only does your wooden handle remain watertight, there will also be no dirt in the wood.


The steak knives are certainly not dishwasher safe, but thanks to the stabilization, the knife can withstand a mistake.




1.4109 stainless steel is used by the modern shaving industry, which is an obvious choice for me as a knife maker to make steak knives from.


This steel shines when we talk about corrosion resistance. Similar to its brother EAB-L, it will take a cut like you have never experienced on a stainless steel knife!


Regarding the finish of the blade I like to surprise my dear customers with original stuff, so I finish these knives with my Mystic Mist blade finish.


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