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The steak Katana knives  from wenge wood  are finished with brass liners and rivets.

Our steak knives  are always delivered in a box  with 4 knives.

Not many people know this, but cooking doesn't stop in the kitchen! The dish you have made for your guest, which you have worked on for hours, is now served at your beautiful table.

But what if your tender meat now has to be cut with blunt knives? Would your guests be equally impressed with your cooking if they were given a sharp knife that glides through their food like a hot knife through butter?

Or worse, have you handed your guest serrated knives that shred your tasty food, not knowing that if that happens you'll lose half the fine flavors from your hard kitchen labor?



1.4109 stainless steel is used by the modern shaving industry, which to me as  knife maker is an obvious choice to make steak knives.

This steel sparkles  when we talk about corrosion resistance. Similar to its brother EAB-L it will take a cut like you've never experienced before on a stainless steel blade!



The handle is made of wenge just like the entire 18' Collection, only finished differently. The materials are carefully selected to give you the best experience ever.

The steak knives are for sure  not  dishwasher safe but thanks to the stabilization, the knife can withstand a mistake.



Blade length : 12 cm

Blade finish : Mirror gloss OR matt

Total length : 22.5 cm
Weight:  80 grams

Handle:  wenge wood

Lining and rivets:  Brass



The steak knives come with a free annual maintenance and a LIFETIME warranty


Custom steak knives

If you prefer tailor-made steak knives, you can contact me to design your dream knife  to breathe life into. 

Steak Katana - Mknives ( set of 4)

Sales Tax Included
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