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The water sharpening stone is the ideal way to maintain kitchen knives.

When putting knives on the stone weekly, you obtain consistently sharp knives. Which is a must for both professional chefs and passionate hobby cooks.


Best combined with a knife sharpening workshop, you will learn the technique to keep your knives at their sharpest. Or a good prior knowledge of working with a water sharpening stone is recommended.


The sharpening stones are available with 4 different grains. For regular use, purchasing both is recommended. The higher the grit, the finer the material. Most blunt knives are best sharpened with a 400 grit. For well-maintained knives, 5000 grit is often sufficient, to perfect the sharpness.


This water sharpening stone set includes:

- Pink combination grinding stone 1000/400

- Blue combination grinding stone 5000/2000

- Backing


Water Sharpening Stone Set

Sales Tax Included
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